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About Orchard Hill

In 1995, Mr and Mrs. Dhaliwal with their 3 children moved from Sparwood B.C to live their dream - raise their children on the orchard and run a successful business. During this time, the farm was producing Red Blush and Red Stripe Apples. Between 1999-2000, the orchard was revamped and high density apple trees were planted - allowing the Dhaliwal's to grow high quality fruit. During this revamp the whole grape/wine industry was taking off as well. The Dhaliwal family thought if the grape growers can make wine out of their produce - why can't we do the same with apples? In 2005 the Dhaliwal family opened Orchard Hill Estate Cidery and used our own apples to make our very first batches of cider! We introduced with 3 blends of apple cider. After huge success, in 2008, we realized our market focus was for something unique, crisp, fresh and suitable to all pallets! Orchard Hill started experimenting and brought out our signature most successful brand to date that made us famous - our RED ROOF Apple cider.

Since 2008, Orchard Hill Estate Cidery has been providing excellent hand crafted premium apple cider throughout the province - and continues to expand their geographical distribution!


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We are located in Oliver BC.